Chris Beebe, Founder & CEO

BA in Political Science,                Colorado State University             MA in Architecture,                      The University of Colorado

Currently Managing Member,      The B.C.S. Group, L.L.C.                        

Currently Director,                         Steel-Pro, Inc.

Past Director of Business Development, Steel-Pro, Inc.                                                 Past VP of Development,                           NuWay GreenTech, Inc.                  

Vision, Design, Biz Dev, Listener, Father, Humorist, Skier, Cyclist, Yogi, Locavore

Listen to Chris' interview with Gwen Garcelon on her show, "The Inner Game" on KDNK Radio

Matt II.jpg

Matt Laufer, Tech Geek

BA in the History of Science,       The University of Florida

Senior Sales Engineer,                          Encoding, Inc.                                       

Past CTO,            

Past Director of Digital Strategy,     Sterling-Rice Group

Guitarist, Dog Whisperer, Mountain Biker, Snowboarder, Focused on the Details


Jenny Photo.jpg

Jenny Luu, Communicator

BA in Journalism and Advertising, University of Colorado

Director of Marketing,                                        

Past Marketing Specialist,                                   Sterling-Rice Group                      

Past Launch Marketing Specialist,                       Windows 7

Advocate, Writer, Pastry Chef, Surviving Workaholic, Yogi, Hiker, Skier, Shoe Fanatic