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Would you rather search (and search, and search) for the runner's Life when you're away from home, or just FIND it and go?

Runners have it made - toss a pair of shoes, shorts, and a top in your suitcase and you're good to go. But keeping up with training for an event, or just maintaining your stride is hard enough to keep flowing when we're at home, and double the effort when we're away. Too often we waste valuable time trying to find what feeds us, or we just punt, leaving us off pace and disconnected.

Here at GoBeMap, we know you're at your best when great food and your favorite movement are easily accessible. Whether it's across town or across the country, go knowing that what makes you feel "right" is right in your hand, on one intuitive map, with ratings, website links, phone numbers, hours and navigation.

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A Review from iTunes....

I travel frequently for work and have very little free time to research where to eat, find a yoga class, etc. GoBeMap makes it so much easier to sift through all the restaurants to find one that’s healthy, or the kind of yoga studio that suits my style. And it makes finding the nearest park and trailheads so easy!!

- Elinor Fish, Founder

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Watch this Demo to See How GoBeMap Will Help You Stay in the Running Zone Anywhere

Runners and hikers serving runners and hikers - that’s what Independence Run & Hike does best in Carbondale, Colorado. Check out owner Brion After talking about what makes his shop tick - We’re psyched to connect you with people like Brion and places like Independence.