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imagine for moment if you could build your ideal town plaza, where everyone is psyched for life, alive, fresh, vibrant.

There’s good clean food and drink, the best gym and yoga studio run by your neighbors, and cool shops run by folks who share your passion for your sports. The plaza opens up to a lush park with trails winding through and out into the wild, and there’s lots of places for your kids to play, young and old. Greetings, laughter, and great stories float through the trees.

Everywhere you go, this place exists if you know where to look. We looked, found it, and put it in your pocket.

We all have our reasons for taking care of ourselves, and they’re all great reasons because they boil down to one thing - we want to be our best.

We want to have more energy for our lives, focus, and creativity. We want to have FUN! We want to challenge ourselves, and we want to be part of a community of kindred spirits. We want to look and feel great! But living fit is hard enough to maintain when we're at home, and double the effort when we're away. Too often we settle for less than the best, and our experience suffers.

Whether it's across town or across the globe, go knowing that what makes you feel "right" is right in your hand, on one intuitive app, with ratings, website links, phone numbers, hours and navigation.

Putting GoBeMap to work for you is easy!

- Click HERE to get to our App Store page, or search for GoBeMap on your iOS device

- Download for free from iTunes

- Open the app, which will center on your location

-Toggle between Map and List Views

-Tap Map pins or List results for business details

- Smile in relief & Enjoy!

Watch this GoBeMap Demo to See How We’ll Help You Live Well Out There

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A Review from iTunes....

I travel frequently for work and have very little free time to research where to eat, find a yoga class, etc. GoBeMap makes it so much easier to sift through all the restaurants to find one that’s healthy, or the kind of yoga studio that suits my style. And it makes finding the nearest park and trailheads so easy!!

- Elinor Fish, Founder, Run Wild Retreats

We’re so psyched to sponsor Robbie Davis - “Fittest Man on Earth” at the Crossfit Games 2017 AND 2018! Robbie also owns Crossfit Bonedale, and runs it with passion, as he talks about in this 30-second video. He’s just the kind of business person we connect you with on GoBeMap. Nice work, Robbie!

Learn More About Crossfit Bonedale HERE