Love Up On Your Local Shop

So the internet holiday rush is over, mostly. Just about anything you wanted to give on Christmas Day, that you hadn't found by that last week, was going to come from someplace local. Let's support them year-round.


1. If you break a derailleur or blow out a shoe, they're there and you can still get out and play tonight. The internet is fast, but not that fast. If we don't keep it local, you'll either drive for that part, wait, or pay more in shipping than you'll save on the net.

2. They're not just a business, they're our community. It's where we meet and make our friends, get the beta, the race results, inspiration. Much more than the last minute gift.

3. They are our friends. If they aren't yet, make them so.

4. They are some of the most passionate people you'll know. They're not getting rich; trust me. We need more passionate people in the world, and to keep the ones we have.

We all know that the holiday season makes or breaks retail, but what does that really mean? For many small businesses, this is a time of reckoning. The fiscal year usually closes out December 31, and while we're celebrating New Years Eve, many shop owners are wondering whether it's worth another trip around the sun behind that counter.

A simple "Hey, thanks for being here" could make all the difference.

Cheers to #AlohaMountainCyclery, #AjaxBike&Ski, #BasaltBike&Ski, #BristleconeMountainSports, #SummitCanyonMountaineering, #TheUteMountaineer, #TheHubofAspen, and all those great little shops that keep us going! Love a local shop? give 'em a shout-out here.