In the Beginning

... I was in a half-lit parking lot, forehead to steering wheel, clutching my phone for dear life. My dear life had to be in there, somewhere. It was 5ish, dark in the New England winter evening, I had just gotten out of another meeting on the road, and I wanted a little workout, or a yoga class before I sang my young daughter to sleep, then a good meal and a place where I can lay my head. She was two time zones away. Pfffffff........

Back to my phone. Search for my hotel. Found it. OK, food. Something healthy, as the slacks are running a little tight. Where? Over there? Two towns away? OK, got it; write it down for later. Workout? I have my bike and lights, and it’s mild without snow on the ground. Trails? No idea. 6:00 now, and the local shop is closed, so I scan around the map and find a park that has some riding. But wait… isn’t the hotel three towns away in the other direction? Search for a yoga studio. Cool - Vinyasa at 6:00. 10 minutes ago now, and 5 minutes away. Not cool. Another night sitting in my car, on my phone, shivering in the new cold.

I remember thinking of the tagline burrowing into our lexicon at the time – “There's an app for that.” There’s got to be an app for this. Maybe I’d like this gig more if I was sweating right now, instead of sweating my lifestyle. My meditation is a practice of being with what is, sure, but that doesn’t mean I need to accept the things I can change.

Two years down the trail, my daughter and I are coming out of the Boston Rock Gym in the midst of our typical East Coast summer trip. We stayed a little later, thinking we’d have no trouble finding a hotel on a weekday night, but Lo! the National Sand Castle Championships are two towns over, and the hotels are booked in an hour radius. I start laughing, she does, too, but not as heartily as me, and soon I hear from the dark seat behind me “Daddy, where are we going to stay?” with a slight edge. We like to leave a little margin for adventure in our travel plans, but it’s late and we have to eat yet, and we just blew another 30 minutes on sand castle hotels.

You might be thinking, “How about a little planning, Chris?” and you’d be right. I could plan better. But life isn’t always plannable, and leaving room for serendipity makes the journey infinitely more interesting. The flip side is that there’s absolutely nothing inspiring about yet another salad bar of frankenveggies at some form of "fast casual", or the crushingly poetic treadmill in the hotel basement. Alone.

A moment of silence between us, then another chuckle from the front seat. “What’s funny?” from the back. I told her of the foggy parking lots, and the low points between working with incredibly creative and intelligent people by day, and singing her to sleep over the phone at night. Usually from a parking lot like the one we were sitting in. And I told her about my vision of an app that would just find our stuff already, and my hope that it might open up more possibility for adventure.

“You have to do it, Daddy.”

Now, a couple of years after getting serious and a lot of inner conversation with all my alter-egos (Who the F are you to think you can do this, for one), GoBeMap is ready to make an impact on the world. I’ve spoken with a lot of people, made some business decisions (it’s hard not to label them good or bad), hired an incredible design team at Weezlabs and developers at Guarana Technologies, and now GoBeMap is live and available on The App Store. Woot!

A lot of folks have asked about how it all happens (fast and slow), how the business will make money (free to you, no banner ads, so far), how do I know what to do next (do I have that deer look?). Some are just hungry for theire next trip so they can use it. My intention here is to share the inner and outer journey of building this business, and do what GoBeMap intends to do – connect you with awesome places, share reviews, give tips for maintaining our health when we’re away from home, and pass on some great deals when we find them. We always want your feedback, including just what you’d like GoBeMap to do for you, and we plan to iterate early and often, so please let us know your thoughts.

I’m having the time of my life building this. I hope it’ll help you have the time of your life, too.

GoBeAwesome! And we'll see you out there.

Love Up On Your Local Shop

So the internet holiday rush is over, mostly. Just about anything you wanted to give on Christmas Day, that you hadn't found by that last week, was going to come from someplace local. Let's support them year-round.


1. If you break a derailleur or blow out a shoe, they're there and you can still get out and play tonight. The internet is fast, but not that fast. If we don't keep it local, you'll either drive for that part, wait, or pay more in shipping than you'll save on the net.

2. They're not just a business, they're our community. It's where we meet and make our friends, get the beta, the race results, inspiration. Much more than the last minute gift.

3. They are our friends. If they aren't yet, make them so.

4. They are some of the most passionate people you'll know. They're not getting rich; trust me. We need more passionate people in the world, and to keep the ones we have.

We all know that the holiday season makes or breaks retail, but what does that really mean? For many small businesses, this is a time of reckoning. The fiscal year usually closes out December 31, and while we're celebrating New Years Eve, many shop owners are wondering whether it's worth another trip around the sun behind that counter.

A simple "Hey, thanks for being here" could make all the difference.

Cheers to #AlohaMountainCyclery, #AjaxBike&Ski, #BasaltBike&Ski, #BristleconeMountainSports, #SummitCanyonMountaineering, #TheUteMountaineer, #TheHubofAspen, and all those great little shops that keep us going! Love a local shop? give 'em a shout-out here.

Blue Light & the Sleeping Blues

We've been picking up vibrations on the interwebs about blue light and sleep, and, since we all know that sleep is imperative to being our best and most of don't get enough or quality sleep, we decided to look into it.

We've come to see the light.

Unless you were really hung over or just finished an ultra, you've probably found that sleeping in the daylight hours is difficult, especially if you're exposed to any daylight at all. Our bodies are programmed with Circadian Rhythms (see references below), which control brain waves that set our sleep patterns and mood, creativity, and focus, among other things. The wavelength frequency of different colors effects these rhythms and, since daylight is on the blue end of the color spectrum, our brains want to wake up when we experience blue light. Not good for sleep.

Unfortunately, there are lots of factors in our environment that put out blue light in the dark hours - office lighting, LEDs, monitors, electronic screens of any kind, car dashboards, even the sign for the pizza joint next door - all of which conspire to interrupt your brain from enjoying a deep sleep. "Blue light" is considered any light that has a temperature greater than 3000K. This is confusing - how does a color have a temperature, right?  What you need to know is that after the daylight hours, you want to avoid exposure to light with temps above 2700K ("Bright White", "Daylight" or "Cool White" lamps). "Soft White" lamps are on the low end of the temperature spectrum:  typically 2400 - 2700K. Experts recommend you install these low-temperature lamps wherever you spend your evening hours, as exposure to blue light as much as 3 hours before you actually turn the lights out can effect your sleep.

Thankfully, there are app-based solutions, too:

Other solutions:

  • Wear filtering glasses you can find on Amazon - stylish!!!
  • Filter treatments are now available on prescription lenses - ask your optometrist next time you're ordering glasses.
  • Check for filtering apps on your newer devices (most have one)
  • Decrease the brightness of your display (many devices have an auto-dimming setting)
  • If you have one of those little goose-neck LED reading lamps from on your nightstand, hit the lens with a brown and/or red Sharpie ;-)
  • If you're looking for LED lighting fixtures that dim from daylight down to soft white, check out USAI Lighting - they seem like the silver bullet!

Traveling? Blue light can be anywhere and out of your control. When we're sleeping, the best bet is a good eye cover.  Personally, I can't stand something strapped around my head while I sleep, so I use a soft, dark T-shirt draped over my head - works wonders.

We hope this information allows you a better night's sleep and preps you to GoBeAmazing the next day. Feel free to share your experience and any other suggestions.


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